As of March 1st, Brigitte Drees has been  appointed  as Pivot Park’s new CEO.  With her extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and health care industry and her qualities as a connector Drees will work with her team on the further growth and establishment of Pivot Park as hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation.

After having completed  her pharmacist education  at the University of Utrecht,  Brigitte worked in different roles for Organon, Alliance Health Care, Polos and Orly Pharma a.o. She gained experience in the preparation and introduction of medicines on the market, consultancy regarding entrepreneurship and general management.

“We are very pleased with the appointment of Brigitte as CEO of Pivot Park and Pivot Park Screening Centre,” tells Rob Prins, chair of the Pivot Park board.  “Thanks to her comprehensive experience within several boards and networking organisations, Brigitte is an experienced and excellent connector and above all she has the qualities to boost the development of Pivot Park and its community.”

“It is incredible to see what has been achieved at Pivot Park by both the site organization and the entrepreneurs that are based here in just over five years’ time! This is something the Pivot Park Community, the city of Oss and the province of North-Brabant can be very proud of,” tells Drees.” I am looking forward to work with my teams on facilitating the growing community at our best, attract new companies and establish further growth of the Pivot Park Screening Centre.”

Brigitte Drees succeeds Mirjam Mol-Arts, who left Pivot Park January 1st.