7th DDS Summit in Boston (online), June 8-9

7th drug discovery strategic summit

Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) will be one of the sponsors of the 7th edition of “Drug Discovery Strategic Summit” (DDSS). This edition, hosted from Boston,  highlights the advances in current and emerging technologies & challenges that includes opportunities and challenges amidst COVID-19 pandemic, target validation strategies for the discovery & development, novel drug designing approaches, AI and ML.

DDSS provides an exceptional platform in the field of drug discovery which covers everything from target identification to preclinical operations. Over the course of two days of the 7th DDSS there will be a great knowledge sharing opportunity and the possibility to meet the right professionals for your future business partnerships.

As a valued partner of DDSS, Pivot Park Screening Centre will deliver, on Tuesday 8th of June, a presentation about “Current and future applications of Mass Spectrometry technology in early drug discovery”, in cooperation with Bruker Daltonics and CeMOS.

Thursday 8 June, 16:00 hrs. – 18:00 hrs. CET
Current and future applications of Mass Spectometry technology in early drug discovery

During this session the presenters will go into detail about the following topics:

16:00 AM – 16:15 AM CET “Conventional frameworks for high-quality hit finding: Lessons learnt from HTS assay development” by Dr. Saman Honarnejad  Director Drug Discovery at Pivot Park Screening Centre
16:15 AM – 16:40 AM CET “Accelerating the Drug Discovery Process by Label-free Ultrahigh-Throughput Screening based on MALDI Mass Spectrometry.” By Dr. Arndt Asperger  Senior Scientist at Bruker Daltonics
16:40 AM – 17:05 AM CET “Hit discovery by label-free mass spectrometry in ultra-high throughput screening (uHTS) by Dr. Freek Janssen  Senior Scientist at Pivot Park Screening Centre
17:05AM – 17:30 AM CET “Label-free Cell Assays of Compound Uptake and Drug Action using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry” by Prof. Carsten Hopf  Head of CeMOS R&D Center, Mannheim Technical University.
17:30 AM – 17:45 AM CET “A Real-Time Perspective on Binding: Surface Plasmon Resonance as Orthogonal Approach.” By Dr. Cyrill Brunner Application Specialist SPR at Bruker Daltonics
17:45 AM – 18:00 PM CET  Q & A Session

More information about the 7th DDS event in Boston, visit  https://ddss.agilefalconsg.com/