You want to contribute to drug discovery?
Pivot Park Screening Centre is a professional environment with dedicated scientific people. These colleagues are daily working together with other business partners and knowledge institutes to a healthier society by discovering new medicines. 

You want to accelerate in drug discovery?
We are specialized in scientific research and provide highly regarded screening assignments and research programs. Our long-standing experience in early drug discovery and our state-of-art (ultra) High Throughput Screening infrastructure provides us and our partners with the best confirmed leads.

You want to expand your knowledge and experience?
We are always enthusiastic to meet potential scientific colleagues so we can proudly show you around our campus if you’re interested. Feel welcome to drink a cup of coffee with us. Or just share your CV and a letter which tells us what you are looking for. Please, send us an e-mail.



It is possible to fulfill an internship at Pivot Park Screening Centre on MBO, HBO and University level. The minimum period for an internship is six months. In case you’re interested please e-mail your CV and motivation letter to MLO and HLO students are asked to apply in March or October.

“I am studying Biology and Medical Laboratory research at the HAN, and I have fulfilled my first internship at the Assay Development group of the Pivot Park Screening Centre. During these 20 weeks, I gained experience on new aspects of biomedical laboratory research, such as antibiotic-free cell culturing and mycoplasma tests, the optimization of luminescence assays and manual/automated dispensing on 384-well and 1536-well format. I have been supervised very well, and felt welcome at the Screening Centre team. This internship was a good experience for both my personal and professional development.” – Angelique Bos-

“For my education, biotechnology analyst, I had to do an internship, which I did at Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC). There I joined the operators team, for a period of 20 weeks. I had a lot of fun and I learned quite a few new things.  The employees were always willing to help me whenever I had a question. They also appreciated it when you introduced new ideas or solutions. In the end, I experienced an amazing first internship experience thanks to the PPSC and its employees.” – Marilou Lap –

“I was in my 3rd year of my bachelor life science when I did my internship at Pivot Park. I worked on the department assay development, where I developed cell based GPCR/RTK assays for high throughput screening. The internship lasted about 5 months and in that time I’ve learned a lot. It was my first internship and I got a supervisor who gave me explanations, time and space to work with him but eventually on my own. He helped me in the lab but also with my report. The group assay development works together with the robot operators in a fine co-operation, where questions can be asked all the time. The departments are always prepared to help you and make you look back on a fun and educational time.” – Laura Gerritzen-

Pivot Park Screening Centre is an Accredited Work Placement Company