Our history
a strong pharma heritage

10 years Pivot Park Screening Centre with its origins in 100 years of pharma in Oss

Pivot Park Screening Centre builds on the long history of pharmaceutical research in Oss, the Netherlands.

It all started with the establishment of the Dutch pharmaceutical company Organon in 1923, which developed into a successful international business. It was taken over by Schering-Plough and later MSD, but due to subsequent reorganisation and restructuring, the company had to close the research labs in Oss. The decision however was made to ensure the availability of state-of-the-art research facilities in a new life sciences park and our base, Pivot Park.

This led to the foundation of Pivot Park Screening Centre in 2012 as a spin-off of the former Organon/MSD screening group. MSD left Oss and left the ultra-High Throughput Screening robot system, which had just been installed at the time. A team of colleagues from MSD with their expertise in high-throughput screening formed the foundation of what is now Pivot Park Screening Centre.


It was a unique opportunity. After all, the robot was already there and so was the expertise, you can’t just move it!

Ten years later our team members have become experts in the fields of assay development, lab automation, ultra-High Throughput Screening and hit-to-lead biological profiling. They keep building on their experiences and keep developing their own knowledge and the ultra-High Throughput Screening system. That is why we added the Rapiflex MALDI-TOF to our system in 2019, to integrate label-free Mass Spectrometry.


Pivot Park Screening Centre has developed into a screening location with worldwide projects in assay development, ultra-high throughput screening and hit-to-lead profiling. The passionate team has over two decades of proven experience and continues to grow.


Together with several strategic partners, like CeMOS, we continue our journey towards a healthier society.