Cancer Drug Discovery Initiative (CDDI)

It is CDDI’s ambition to discover two lead series with the potential of becoming a candidate medicine in a period of three years’ time. The partner’s knowledge and techniques will be combined to reach this objective. Anti-cancer targets re being selected by the Dutch Cancer Institute (AVL) and are screened by the Pivot Park Screening Centre. Leiden University is responsible for the medicinal chemistry and safety and efficacy testing.
CDDI already selected two targets.
  • Dutch Cancer Institute (NKI) developed assays.
  • PPSC has performed the HTS using 230K library.
  • Currently in potency, selectivity and cell-based activity testing.
  • Leiden Institute for Chemistry (LIC) will perform MedChem (iterative cycle with PPSC biological testing).
  • NKI will test leads into cellullar and animal models for cancer.
  • Ultimate goal: run 6-9 programmes in 3 years which result in 2 Lead Series.