COILED (Center Of Innovative Lead Discovery)

COILED, or the Centre of Open Innovation for Lead Discovery, is a collaborative drug discovery initiative of Radboud University, Radboud UMC, Inntrest Consultancy, Pivot Park Screening Centre and BioAxis Research. COILED combines leading academic biomedical research with industry-standard medicinal chemistry to accelerate and valorise innovation. COILED have built a unique drug discovery programme that will deliver the next generation of immunomodulatory drugs to combat diseases with an unmet medical need.
COILED has already identified three potential targets.
  • Radboud UMC together with PPSC will develop assays.
  • PPSC will performed the HTS using 230K library.
  • Radboud University will perform MedChem (iterative cycle with PPSC biological testing).
  • Radboud UMC will test leads into cellullar and animal models.
  • Ultimate goal: Lead Series in different areas (among which immunology).