Collaboration with the Radboud Summer school

Radboud Summer School presentation by dr. Judith Rasmussen

Pivot Park Screening Centre is one of the creators of the ‘Preclinical Drug Discovery’ Radboud Summer School hosted by Pivot Park life sciences campus. In collaboration with Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences, the summer school is organized to cover the most important aspects of modern drug discovery in a five-day summer school course.

Several aspects of modern drug discovery will be presented by experienced lecturers in the field, with an emphasis on 

  • Different phases in drug discovery
  • Target identification and validation
  • Assay development and High-Throughput Screening
  • Compounds and libraries for lead finding
  • Hit-to-Lead and Lead optimization
  • ADME and PK studies
  • Analytical process development and quality assurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Clinical development trajectory and registration

The lecture topics have been developed by academic and industry experts working in early drug discovery and development. The participants will also work in groups on an assignment that they present to a jury of professionals and scientists.

Besides the lectures, participants will have the opportunity to visit various companies active in pharmaceutical R&D, located at the Pivot Park campus.

One of such visits is a guided lab tour at Pivot Park Screening Centre with its unique fully automated ultra-High-Throughput Screening platform. Through this visit, the participants will get a unique insight into the world of miniaturization, automated hit discovery workflows, and lead discovery screening.

Anyone with a background in life sciences who is interested in drug discovery is invited to apply. Suitable backgrounds range from students with a bachelor’s degree or higher to laboratory technicians, entrepreneurs, and researchers employed by life sciences and chemical companies.

Watch the video from last year for an impression

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