The collaboration between CytoSmart and PPSC is based at the TU/e Technical university Eindhoven .

Inspired by recent advances in optics, microelectronics and information technology, the founders of CytoSMART have developed a new compact imaging systems for biological cell culture.

  • The Cytosmart equipement is a small, easy to use system
  • A System that make advanced livecell imaging and image analysis possible for all types of cell culture and enable researchers to get a better
  • Grip on the complexity of biological cell culture.
  • Systems that can measure and analyze data in almost realtime.
  • Allowing researchers to act immediately, for better and more reproducible results with cell culture.
  • Combining such equipement with the robotic systems at the Pivot Park Screening centre facilities is a next level in improving (ultra) High Throughput Screening.