Five reasons for a startup to outsource a screen to PPSC

Five reasons for a startup to outsource a screen at Pivot Park Screening Centre

Even though the success rates in discovery and development of new medicines remain extremely low, many innovative biotech companies are continuously founded to tackle unmet medical needs.

One way to rapidly increase early R&D productivity, along with the likelihood of success and attract further investment is to create a platform of several tractable lead series for (a single or) various therapeutic targets (and phenotypes) in a particular disease indication. This framework increases the value of your company and maximizes the potential for raising additional capital. But how do you get from one or several targets and phenotypes, to a platform of lead candidates?

We believe one of the best approaches to create and expand such a platform is to exploit ultra-High Throughput Screening (uHTS) of large compound collections. And here are five reasons to outsource this critical step to Pivot Park Screening Centre:

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