ELF webinar-on-demand: Optimize your assay for High Throughput Screening

Webinar from the European Lead Factory

How to optimize your assay for High Throughput Screening

How to optimize your assay for High Throughput Screening (HTS) at the European Lead Factory (ELF). This is the topic of this on-demand webinar.
Our guest speaker for the session was Dr Saman Honarnejad, Director of Drug Discovery at Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC), the ELF partner responsible for HTS assay development and Ultra HTS campaigns.

Together with the other ELF partners, PPSC helps researchers in their hunt for new leads for drug development. Saman’s presentation provided guidelines for HTS assay development, with an emphasis on the methods to design, evaluate and improve conditions for biochemical and cellular assay formats. Having an assay that is compatible with the ELF screening systems increases ones chances for a screening slot at the ELF and is essential to the success of a screening campaign.

The key take home messages from the session include:
• Know your target well (acquire all the information available in the literature on your target) and ask the right questions when it comes to selecting the right assay and optimal conditions
• Make sure you have sound biochemistry (kinetics (Km/Kd), linearity, etc.)
• Use robust statistics to evaluate assay parameters and performance
• And perhaps most importantly, get in touch with the ELF program office to help you connect to the ELF expert during assay development.

“The 1-hour webinar attracted a good turn-out of close to 70 participants.” If you were not able to attend, a recording of Saman’s presentation is available to view online