Improve speed and quality of hit finding

with mass spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is now integrated as read-out technology into our uHTS system. This technology can directly track the molecule(s) of interest without the hassle of introducing labels and the risk of these labels interfering with other components in your assay. Label-free assays can reduce the number of false positives and false negatives in your screen, which will make the hit-to-lead phase of your drug discovery programme more time- and cost-effective.


By combining the RapifleX™ MALDI PharmaPulse® from Bruker with the CyBio® Well Vario pipettor from Analytik Jena for automated sample spotting, we can handle 1536-well plates fully automated and screen MS-based assays up to a speed of 0.5 seconds per sample. Additionally, this system has the option for on-target washing of your samples for reduced signal-quenching and increased assay quality and robustness.


Learn more about Mass Spectrometry and join our webinar  “Could Mass Spec be the next break-through in High-Throughput Screening?

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The benefits of Mass spectrometry. Watch our videos

Handling 1536-well plates by automated sample spotting with the CyBio® Well Vario pipettor from Analytik Jena.
Directly track your molecule(s) of interest with a speed of up to 0.5 seconds per sample with the RapifleX™ MALDI PharmaPulse® from Bruker.
Publication available from 1 October 2020

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