Open Access Laboratories
with shared equipment

Pivot Park’s Open Access Lab is an infrastructure facility based on five “islands of automation”, and employing Orca robotic systems and Biomek liquid handlers. This allows streamlining of activities such as plate preparation, the creation of serial dilutions, testing of assay panels for selectivity and even HTS.
Scientists at work in the lab at Pivot Park Screening Centre

Clients and guests are welcome to use the labs’ systems and instruments to automate their workflows or simply to gain access to advanced instrumentation for their research projects. Experts are available for training, to offer advice and for troubleshooting, so that everyone can enjoy worry-free access to automation.


The Open Access Laboratories are part of the Pivot Park Screening Centre. They also provide drug discovery services for assay development, ultra-High Throughput Screening and hit-2-lead testing to find novel leads for drug development.