Our advanced ultra High Throughput Screening (uHTS) system consists of 3 robot pods connected by a conveyer belt system. It features an on-line compound store with capacity for 2.5 million samples, ECHO acoustic dispensers for contact free dispensing and a wide range of instruments to perform biochemical and cellular assays in 1536 or 384 well format in a fully automated manner. Over 200,000 data samples are routinely measured per day.

Equipment uHTS

Most instruments are placed on carts so that the system configuration can be adapted to the needs of specific projects. This flexible docking system designed by HighRes Biosolutions also allows for easy integration of new technologies/instruments. A custom designed safety system ensures that individual instruments can be accessed during a run.

Benefits of automation

Our automated workflows produce high quality data in a consisted manner. Assays can be run outside business hours enabling fast turn-around times. Combined with miniaturization to 1536 format, a high quality, efficient and cost saving setup is offered to our clients.