Label-free Mass Spectrometry ultra-HighThroughput Screening

Label-free Mass Spectrometry ultra-High Throughput Screening

A game-changer in small molecule lead discovery.

Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) is the first contract research organization (CRO) that integrated the rapifleX® MALDI PharmaPulse® (Bruker AG) along with CyBio Well vario system (Analytik Jena AG) into its
fully automated ultra-High Throughput Screening (uHTS) platform. Since then, PPSC has continuously been expanding its label-free uHTS assay portfolio for various target classes. Conventional high-throughput
technologies for small molecule hit discovery are often based on chemical probes, coupled secondary enzymatic reactions, and biomolecular reporters as a surrogate for assaying target activity or abundance.

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