News 12.08.19

First successful ultra-High Throughput Screening in IMI’s ESCulab project completed

Pivot Park Screening Centre has successfully completed the first ultra-High Throughput Screening in IMI’s ESCulab project, and as such restarting...

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News 07.05.19

We need to look for new ways to translate basic research into healthcare

Saman Honarnejad was born Iran (1983) and raised there and partly in Canada. He studied in Germany and the United States and now, he is a team leader at Pivot Park Screening Center (PPSC) based in Oss, the Netherlands.

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News 02.05.19

The European Lead Factory, Europe’s largest collaborative drug discovery platform, continues its success story

The European Lead Factory (ELF) secured a total project budget of EUR 36.5 million under the second framework of the...

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News 17.07.18

Dutch Heart Foundation, UMC Groningen and Pivot Park Screening Centre collaborate on heart failure

Scientists from UMC Groningen and Pivot Park Screening Centre have started a study with the objective to prevent one of the causes of heart failure. It is the first time that a protein related to protection of the heart muscle from stiffening, will be screened to discover a starting point for development of a new medicine.

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News 11.07.18

High number of SMEs benefit greatly from the European Lead Factory

The European Lead Factory is remarkably attractive for SMEs. The consortium consists of 30 partners, of which 10 are SMEs....

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News 24.05.18

PPSC will take part in the 19th Annual Drug Discovery Summit in Berlin, June 7th/8th

Dr. Saman Honarnejad, project manager for COILED (Center for Open Innovation in LEad Discovery) program at Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) will be chairman and one of the speakers of the “Drug Discovery Strategies and Innovation” session at the “19th Annual Drug Discovery Summit in Berlin” (Stream 1, day 1). 

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News 05.04.18

COILED announces discovery of promising starting points to modulate trained immunity

COILED (Center for Open Innovation in LEad Discovery) announced today the first results of an ultra High Throughput Screening (uHTS) campaign on a prime epigenetic enzyme target that plays a key role in controlling trained immunity.

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News 01.03.18

Brigitte Drees appointed as CEO Pivot Park and Pivot Park Screening Centre

As of March 1st, Brigitte Drees has been  appointed  as Pivot Park’s new CEO.  With her extensive experience in the...

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News 20.09.17

BioAscent to Manage PPSC’s Library of over 300,000 Compounds

BioAscent Discovery Limited has announced an agreement with Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC, Oss, The Netherlands), under which it is managing PPSC’s entire screening collection of over 300,000 compounds.

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