News 24.05.18

PPSC will take part in the 19th Annual Drug Discovery Summit in Berlin, June 7th/8th

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News 05.04.18

COILED announces discovery of promising starting points to modulate trained immunity

COILED (Center for Open Innovation in LEad Discovery) announced today the first results of an ultra High Throughput Screening (uHTS) campaign on a prime epigenetic enzyme target that plays a key role in controlling trained immunity.

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News 01.03.18

Brigitte Drees appointed as CEO Pivot Park and Pivot Park Screening Centre

As of March 1st, Brigitte Drees has been  appointed  as Pivot Park’s new CEO.  With her extensive experience in the...

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News 20.09.17

BioAscent to Manage PPSC’s Library of over 300,000 Compounds

BioAscent Discovery Limited has announced an agreement with Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC, Oss, The Netherlands), under which it is managing PPSC’s entire screening collection of over 300,000 compounds.

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News 12.09.17

Exciting new hits for a novel drug target involved in depression and pain unveiled in the European Lead Factory project

ioneering ideas to improve antidepressant therapies are greatly required since existing antidepressants are moderately effective and the response rate in patients suffering from depression is approximately less than 50%.

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News 31.05.17

NCardia partners with Pivot Park Screening Centre to offer ultra High Throughput Screening for Cardiovascular drug discovery services

NCardia and Pivot Park Screening Centre announced a collaboration to improve NCardia's cardiovascular drug discovery service offerings and to expand Pivot Park Screening Centre’s knowledge about new and innovative assay technologies used to accelerate drug discoveries.

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News 28.02.17

Committed to strengthening the antibiotic arsenal

The European Lead Factory (ELF) is boosting the discovery of new drugs by making high throughput screening and a quality compound library available to academia and biotech’s.

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News 12.12.16

COILED open innovation centre launched

COILED, Center for Open Innovation in LEad Discovery, is a new public-private open innovation centre focused on the early phase of pharmaceutical drug development. Pivot Park Screening Centre is one of the open innovation centre's partners.

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News 21.11.16

Promising antibiotic programme gets European boost

Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects European Lead Factory (ELF) and ENABLE create pipeline for novel antibiotics from University of Oxford. The ultra High Throughput Screening for this project has been carried out by Pivot Park Screening Centre, the European Screening Centre within ELF.

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