This project was aimed at finding potential active compounds that could be further developed into oncological drugs. By bringing together the practical expertise and knowledge of several partners, it was expected that new leads for candidate medicines would be found in a lesser amount of time.

Compounds for different targets will be identified and further developed.
  • Dutch Cancer Institute (NKI), NTRC, Acerta and Lead Pharma had targets.
  • PPSC performed HTS using 230K library.
  • Leiden Institute for Chemistry (LIC) performed MedChem (iterative cycle with PPSC biological testing).
  • NKI tested leads into cellullar and animal models for cancer.
  • Lead Pharma, Acerta Pharma and NTRC could perform MedChem, H2L and LO.
  • Ultimate goal: Lead Series or even clinical candidates of interest for Pharma active in oncology.

The “Topconsortium voor Kennis en Innovatie (TKI)” New Chemical Innovations (NCI) is an independent foundation aiming to strengthen demand-driven research and innovation, and the valorization of the results to strategic chances for economic and societal growth in the chemical sector; stimulate public-private cooperations in innovative scientific subjects, in close connection with matters agreed upon in the current innovation contract prepared by the “Topsector Chemie”.