Pivot Park Screening Centre joins Shonan Health Innovation Park

Shonan Health Innovation Park

Pivot Park Screening Centre has joined the Shonan Health Innovation park (Shonan iPark), a co-location facility for an open innovation initiative bringing together biomedical researchers and equipment makers with the goal of accelerating development of cutting-edge healthcare solutions and technologies as a member.

By joining Shonan Health Innovation Park, we expect to work together with other companies on the iPark, to expand our knowledge and to learn from each other. We think we can mainly contribute to the community on projects regarding Mass Spectrometry in ultra-High Throughput Screening and in Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry.

Pivot Park Screening Centre provides drug discovery services in the fields of assay development, lab automation, Ultra-High-Throughput Screening (uHTS) and hit-to-lead biological profiling, in order to find novel leads for drug development. All major read-out modalities including Mass Spectrometry are available in-house ensuring rapid generation of high-quality hits. Partners and/or customers can either bring their own compound library or use our 300K IP-free druglike compound library.


For more information about collaborating with Pivot Park Screening Centre contact us.