By bundling available unique molecular targets, biological assays, medicinal chemistry, disease models and patients, COILED creates a centre for development of new pharmaceutical leads and candidate medicines; ‘semifinished products’ of high value for the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically pioneering immunological research in which epigenetic targets are inhibited for the development of therapeutical interventions for inflammatory diseases like reuma, MS and cancer. The subsidy has been granted by OP EFRO Oost-Nederland.

COILED partners are:

  • Radboud University (Nijmegen)
  • Inntrest Consultancy (Oss, Noord-Brabant)
  • BioAxis Research (Oss, Noord-Brabant)
  • Pansynt (Nijmegen, Gelderland)
  • Radboud University Medical Centre (Nijmegen, Gelderland).

This project was made possible by the European Union and OP Oost.