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Pivot Park Screening Centre is a quickly growing Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that specializes in early drug discovery services, including cellular and biochemical assay development, ultra High Throughput Screening, hit-to-lead biological profiling, and laboratory automation support, with customers ranging from big pharma to small and medium biotech companies, nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations, and universities in Europe, the United States, and Asia. We work with our customers on the basis of open communication and trust. Our extensive drug discovery experience is manifested through our highly efficient workflows that facilitate delivery of best confirmed chemical starting points for drug discovery in various target classes and disease areas.

Projects with clear milestones, deliverables and timelines

Pivot Park Screening Centre is a project-driven organization and as such is organized in a matrix structure, in which project teams are formed with internal members including a project leader, one to two assay development scientists, one to two automation scientists, and an account manager and external outsourcing partner members. After initiation of projects based on an agreed work package with clear milestones, deliverables, acceptance criteria, and timelines, outsourced projects typically start with a kickoff meeting and scheduling biweekly or monthly progress report teleconferences, followed by transfer of an existing assay cascade from customers or development of novel screening assay cascades from scratch and subsequent optimization and miniaturization to a u-HTS-ready format.

Screen your own library or our highly divers compound library

PPSC receives and screens customer libraries ranging from thousands to millions of compounds mainly in 384- or 1536-well formats of both echo-compatible and noncompatible plates or alternatively screens its own ~0.3 million diverse compound library, followed by fully automated data analysis. Identified active compounds are typically retested and then redelivered in REMP tubes and profiled in primary and follow-up assays for hit triaging and subsequent dose-response curve (DRC) testing and biophysical characterization for confirmed hit characterization.

Timelines at Pivot Park Screening Centre

An assay development project typically takes 1 to 6 months, and the duration is dependent on the complexity of the assays, availability of commercial reagents, and the need for in-house reagent development.
The planning of a u-HTS project at Pivot Park Screening Centre including assay optimization, miniaturization, and follow-up triaging:

  • Schedule of work generation 2-4 weeks
  • Assay implementation and automation 4-6 weeks
  • Methodology and screening (incl. analysis) 2-3 weeks
  • Hit confirmation and deselection 2-3 weeks
  • Serial dilutions plus analysis 1-2 weeks
  • LC-MS analysis 1-2 weeks
  • Reporting 1-2 weeks

Hit-to-lead biological profiling services often include delivery of 10s to 100s of compounds to PPSC on a weekly to monthly basis, followed by reporting of structure-activity relationship (SAR) biological data to guide external chemical synthesis cycles.

Knowledge network

Besides our commercial footprint, we have a strong knowledge network and Public-Private Partnerships that are a key element in the success of our organization. Open innovation is embedded in our organisation and Pivot Park Screening Centre is partner in several collaboration projects, with a growing network of scientific partners, all based on open innovation model. On this page you can see where the projects in which we participated and are participating are based.”

We have a strong knowledge network. Public-private partnerships are a key element in the success of Pivot Park.

Open innovation is embedded in our organisation. Pivot Park Screening Centre is partner in several collaboration projects, with a growing network of scientific partners. all based on open innovation with public private partners.

On this page you can see where the projects in which we participated and are participating are based.

Chief Scientific Officer Saman Honarnejad from Pivot Park Screening Centre
The team of Pivot Park Screening Centre
A PPSC project team is built around your needs

Project management

PPSC is a project-driven organisation and as such uses leading project management tools to ensure successful delivery of project milestones. Our highly skilled scientists continuously monitor the project scope, progress, quality, timelines, budget and efficiency of the project teams. Our devoted project team communicates with the client about progress, risks and deviations during the whole project cascade.

PPSC project team

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Running projects

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