We provide you with the best
confirmed hits for your targets

We work with our customers on the basis of open communication and trust. Our extensive drug discovery experience is manifested through our workflows which are highly efficient, and able to provide the necessary flexibility to give our customers the best confirmed leads for their target.

We have a strong knowledge network. Public-private partnerships are a key element in the success of Pivot Park.

Open innovation is embedded in our organisation. Pivot Park Screening Centre is partner in several collaboration projects, with a growing network of scientific partners. all based on open innovation with public private partners. 

On this page you can see where the projects in which we participated and are participating are based.

Chief Scientific Officer Saman Honarnejad from Pivot Park Screening Centre
The team of Pivot Park Screening Centre
A PPSC project team is built around your needs

Project management

PPSC is a project-driven organisation and as such uses leading project management tools to ensure successful delivery of project milestones. Our highly skilled scientists continuously monitor the project scope, progress, quality, timelines, budget and efficiency of the project teams. Our devoted project team communicates with the client about progress, risks and deviations during the whole project cascade.

PPSC project team

Account manager
Project manager
Project principal
Assay developer(s) incl. backup
Operator(s) incl. backup

Running projects

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Our projects travel the world

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