Tailored biochemical and cellular
assay development solutions

An enthusiastic team of experienced scientists provide you with industry-standard solutions for tailored cellular and biochemical assay development, optimization and miniaturization to support your lead discovery projects.​ We have broad experience in a variety of target classes ranging from kinases, GPCRs and ion channels to nuclear receptors, proteases and protein-protein interactions in many therapeutic areas.

We offer a proprietary chemical biology framework to optimise primary assays such that minimal interferences occur during hit finding. PPSC actively pursues customised solutions for profiling novel classes of lead candidates such as PROTACs and molecular glues and continuously works towards integrating novel disease models based on organoid, iPSC and Crispr/Cas technologies into its screening capabilities.

Disease areas

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Target classes

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Read-out Technologies

Fluorescent Intensity
Absorption Based Measurement
Fluorescent Polarisation
Time Resolved Fluorescence (FRET, TR FRET, HTRF)
Calcium Kinetics
Calcium Permeability
Potassium Kinetics
High Content Screening
Mass Spectrometry