High quality small molecule compound library
for your drug discovery screens

Pivot Park Screening Centre hosts an in-house library of over 300,000 high-quality drug-like compounds, made available in order to identify tractable chemical matter for your drug discovery program.

Our small molecule compound library consists of four sub-libraries, forming a highly chemically diverse collection. In addition, subsets of known drugs and reference compounds (approximately 1200) that can be used for drug-repurposing studies and assay validation complement our library. 4 Sub-Libraries include both 309.450 unique compounds with 184.355 unique substructures and 22.873 unique scaffolds, and most if not all are Lipinksi’s rule of 5 compliant.
Our library is extensively validated during procurement by our in-house medicinal chemists and widely employed by for instance research institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies during their early drug discovery projects.

Compound library at Pivot Park Screening Centre
Preparing a well plate for screening at Pivot Park Screening Centre

Bring your own library or use our 300.000 in-house IP-free compound library.

Pivot Park Screening Centre not only has its own small molecule library of over 300,000 high-quality drug-like compounds, but also offers you the capability to bring your own library or request specific vendor sets. Pivot Park Screening Centre handles libraries of several millions of compounds per screen, allowing a tailored approach to your ultra High Throughput Screening Project. In other words, giving you the greatest coverage of chemical space to maximize the chance of finding hits. We can store your library in our facility: ready for use by our robots.

What makes the small molecule library of Pivot Park Screening Centre unique? 

Diverse scaffolds 

For diversity reasons, you want as many different scaffolds as possible, so a frequency of 1 for each scaffold. But from an operational perspective you like to see several hits from the same series because that gives you an idea of structure activity relationships (SAR). We have tried to find a good balance: so as much diversity as possible, but also recurring scaffolds for SAR. 

Be surprised! Screening beyond the rule of 5 

Although our high-quality library meets the Lipinski rule of 5 for 86%, we always advise to keep these rules as guidelines. Exploring the boundaries of drug-like space may help to find hits for challenging targets.


The drug-likeness of our library follows from both the distributions of a range of molecular properties and an analysis of the diversity space of known hits and leads in drug discovery.

Compound management 

 It is crucial to apply high standards for compound management in order to ensure that the physical quality of the compounds remains at a high level. For this reason we apply the REMP tube technology for compound management. 

 The quality of our compound library is not only validated by ourselves but also by several of our customers. To maintain this quality, compound management is key! 

Combining the access to these compound libraries with our longstanding and proven experience gained during the most diverse screens, our team of scientists know exactly how to make the most of your screening campaign.

The collection consists of four sub-libraries
each of different provenance:

PPSC Compound Library in Numbers

130K Historical collection.
A set of compounds inherited from Organon/MSD when PPSC was established. This set contains screening molecules which were carefully selected using cheminformatics tools.


87K acquired in 2012.
PPSC selected this set, from commercial vendors, in order to increase the diversity of the historical collection. Here we applied the last insights in desired molecular properties. Experienced medicinal chemists examined about 70% of this set to ensure it included tractable compounds.


8K pharma origin.
Compounds synthesised at Organon/MSD


70K BioAscent extension.
This is a subset of the collection of the Scottish company BioAscent. It adds further diversity to the above sets.

Preparing a well plate for screening at Pivot Park Screening Centre

Shared compound libraries,
a cost-effective solution

PPSC has extensive knowledge of screening customers’ libraries. As a result of its experience in the European Lead Factory, it is a front-runner in screening shared libraries.

PPSC offers a new solution for screening compound libraries that are shared among partners, and provides cost-effective access to a larger chemical space.