Pivot Park Screening Centre has a high quality compound library available for your drug discovery screens performed at PPSC.

For screening projects we offer a compound library of 300,000 high quality drug-like compounds. It is a diverse set of compounds that can be applied to a wide range of targets. It includes subsets of known drugs (~1200) and reference compounds (~400) that can be used for assay validation and drug-repurposing studies.

The collection consists of 4 sub-libraries with different origin:

  • 130K historical collection. This was inherited from Organon/MSD when PPSC was established. This set contains molecules for screening carefully selected using cheminformatics tools by this pharma company.
  • 87K acquired in 2012. This set was selected by PPSC from commercial vendors to increase the diversity of the historical collection. The latest insights in desired molecular properties were applied. About 70% of this set was eye-balled by experienced medicinal chemists to ensure tractable compounds were included in this set.
  • 8K pharma origin. Compounds synthesized at Organon/MSD
  • 70K Bioascent extention. A subset of the collection of the Scottish company BioAscent that adds further diversity to the above sets.

Screening compound libraries

PPSC has ample experience in screening libraries provided by our customers.
PPSC is a front-runner in screening shared libraries through its experience in the European Lead Factory and offers a new solution to screen compound libraries that are shared among partners, providing you with a cost-effective access to a larger chemical space.

We are a transparent, independent and confidential facilitator for screening and data processing of shared compound collections.