We accelerate drug discovery with
our ultra-fast automation

The goal of hit identification, also known as hit-finding or hit discovery, is to deliver compounds with confirmed activity against a biological target. These target compounds are called “hits” and are often the starting points for chemistry activities. We apply the most appropriate hit identification approaches to determine validated hits with the best chance of success to develop into a drug-like compound.

To help you find and optimise novel leads for drug development, we offer state-of-the-art automation for medium to ultra-High-Throughput Screening.

Our ultra-High Throughput Screening (uHTS) lab for example hosts a fully automated robotic system in an industrial set-up. This system can efficiently run biochemical and cellular uHTS assay technologies in 384- or 1536-well formats and can produce over 300,000 data points per day.

Acoustic dispensing technology allows for contact-free, low-volume handling of compound solutions and facilitates online cherry-picking of active compounds. Our complete infrastructure, including fully automated data analysis software and transparent pipeline, guarantees full exploitation of high-quality results.

Hit identification

Hit Identification process at Pivot Park Screening Centre