The European Lead Factory: Results from a decade of collaborative, public–private, drug discovery programs

Herman van Vlijmen, Andrew D. Pannifer , Phil Cochrane, Daniel Basting, Volkhart M Li , Ola Engkvist, Jean-Yves Ortholand, Markus Wagener, James Duffy, Dirk Finsinger, Jeremy Davis, Steven P. van Helden, Jon S.B. de Vlieger, European Lead Factory Consortium



More than 250 high throughput screens on a wide variety of targets have been completed by academic groups, small biotech, non-profits, and large pharma on a shared collection of half a million compounds.

• An effective mechanism was set up for sharing proprietary screening compounds with full enablement of intellectual property creation.

• Screening hits from the European Lead Factory have led to multiple active compound optimization programs at participating academic and industry organizations, and two companies have been created on the basis of hits from the ELF.

• Analysis of the screening results indicate that compound promiscuity is correlated with lipophilicity and anti-correlated with three-dimensionality of compounds.

• There is no indication of the existence of dark chemical matter in this collection, as we continuously observed previously inactive compounds to be active in new screens.