The European Lead Factory is a unique public-private partnership that promotes new discoveries via open innovation and crowd sourcing. It was established to promote the discovery of novel small molecule candidates, suitable for subsequent optimisation either to drug candidates or to high-quality pharmacological tools for the experimental validation of targets.

Ultra-high throughput screening

Screening of compounds to assess their activity is funded by the European Lead Factory and performed at the Pivot Park Screening Centre’s facilities in Oss, placing our facilities at the heart of the European Lead Factory.

More small molecules

Access to an exceptional collection of small molecules is the starting point for drug target researchers in academia and SMEs. Over 300,000 optimised industrial research compounds have been contributed by seven pharmaceutical companies.

An all-new compound collection has also been built over time, based on syntheses by SMEs and academic institutions and exploiting the expertise available across all consortium partners. The goal is a further 200,000 compounds, creating a Joint European Compound Library (JECL) of up to 500,000 compounds.

Visit the European Lead Factory website for more information and results.

The European Lead Factory has received support from the Innovative Medicines Initiative .