18th Int. Drug Discovery Science & Technology

18th Int. Drug Discovery Science & Technology

The 18th Int. Drug Discovery Science & Technology in Amsterdam on July 12-14 is the place to meet our experts and to find out more about our Assay Development, ultra-High Throughput Screening & Mass Spectrometry possibilities.


During the conference, on Tuesday July 12th at 14:55h, our scientist and expert in Mass Spectrometry Maaike Bras will give a talk about: “Label-free Readout in 1536 Format with MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry”.


Mass spectrometry (MS) is a label-free analytical technique which enables direct quantification of molecules relevant to (patho) physiology, but the low throughput of MS used to be a bottleneck in using this technique for (ultra) high-throughput screening (uHTS). However, the introduction of rapifleX MALDI Pharma Pulse by Bruker, which is able to measure up to 10 samples per second, has been a complete game changer in uHTS and early drug discovery space. This technology not only holds the promise of reduced false positives and negatives caused by e.g. fluorescent labels, but also makes the hit-to-lead phase more cost-effective. Pivot Park Screening Centre has integrated the rapifleX in its advanced and fully automated robotic uHTS system, handling 1536 samples per plate. During the presentation, we will give you an introduction to ultra-high throughput MALDI-TOF MS, show our fully automated set-up including spotting and measuring the sample plates, the results of our first screen and discuss the opportunities and challenges of this promising technique including the possibility to use it for target binding studies using Affinity-based Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS).


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