Advanced robotics to
accelerate your discovery process

The basic ingredients for a successful hit discovery program are the assay development, compound library, and screening campaigns. At Pivot Park Screening Centre we work with high-quality equipment to get you the best results for your early drug discovery project.

Meet our robots

Pivot Park Screening Centre’s compound library

You can use our in-house compound library or bring your own. Click here to find out more about the compound library of Pivot Park Screening Centre.

Ultra-High Throughput Screening

Pivot Park Screening Centre is equipped with advanced robotic systems and offers ultra-High-Throughput Screening (uHTS) and lab automation services to accelerate your drug discovery programmes.If you want to know more about ultra-High Throughput Screening, click here, or contact our experts directly.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectometry is a novel HTS readout that allows for label-free screening in ultra high throughput. An ideal technology to apply to enzymatic targets for instance.



Advanced Liquid Handling

High quality liquid handling is essential to screening operations. PPSC is equipped with the latest technologies, inclusing acoustic dispensing.