Assay Development Fund now available for your early drug discovery project

Make use of Assay development at Pivot Park Screening Centre with the Assay Development Fund

Oss, the Netherlands – 20 February 2023

Pivot Park Screening Centre is excited to take the coordinating role in this new fund.

The Assay Development Fund supports scientists in the Netherlands that are working with or aiming to work with a charity for an early drug discovery project, by providing expertise in assay development.

With slots at the European Lead Factory (ELF) now open for charities and foundations, the academic departments and start-ups that cooperate together with these charities can now receive the help of Pivot Park Screening Centre for the development of their assays.

The collaborations between charities, academics and start-ups that enter start a project with the ELF will gain access to a high-quality library of 535,000 chemical compounds, industry-standard Ultra High-Throughput Screening facilities, as well as access to the ELF network of drug discovery experts.

Through this initiative Pivot Park Screening Centre and the ELF aim to boost academic, start-up and charity-funded science, providing novel starting points for the development of new treatments, and ultimately contributing to improving global health and well-being.

Upon approval, the Assay Development Fund will hand out a voucher for €17.000 euros to help convert your assay to a HTS ready assay.

End data for this program is 1st of April 2024

How can you apply to the Assay Development Fund?

Please contact Mirjam van den Bosch

This grant has been made possible by the Government of the Netherlands.