Webinar-on-demand: Could Mass Spec be the next break-through in High-Throughput Screening?

Webinar by dr. Freek Janssen about Mass Spec

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • How to set up and screen a Mass Spec assay
  • Applications of Mass Spec in HTS   
  • Mass Spectrometry assay interference

In 30 minutes you will learn all about application of label-free Mass Spectrometry in (u)HTS. 

Dr. Freek Janssen of Pivot Park Screening Centre will discuss the implementation and capabilities of MS-uHTS as a fully automated screening platform, as well as its application in several recent screening campaigns within PPSC. In the second part of the presentation the focus will be on future applications of Mass Spec-uHTS.

About the presenter:

Dr. Freek Janssen  Senior Scientist at Pivot Park Screening Centre is a chemical biologist, with a strong background in assay development and medicinal chemistry. In 2016 Freek obtained his PhD from the University of Leiden, at the Department of Molecular Physiology. After that he worked for the startup COILED Therapeutics. Freek joined PPSC in January 2021 as project leader and is involved in numerous commercial, academic and internal assay development and MS-uHTS projectsLear

(Duration of this webinar is 45 minutes)

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