Webinar-on-demand: Hit discovery using the rapifleX Maldi PharmaPulse® in uHTS

Webinar_hit discovery using rapiflex maldi pharmapulse in uHTS

Watch this webinar to learn about: 

  •  Integration rapifleX in uHTS
  •  How to setup MALDI assays for screening (tips & tricks)
  • Improved hit finding using MS-technology
  •  Performing uHTS screens using rapifleX

Label-free mass spectrometry technology
Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) will present the integration and the first successful campaign of over 0.5 million compounds using label-free mass spectrometry technology. The rapifleX Maldi PharmaPulse MPP® (Bruker) and CyBio® Well Vario pipettor (Analytik Jena) are fully integrated in the robotic platform at PPSC. This revolutionary hit finding technology combined with automated sample-matrix spotter enables screening of lage compound libaries in 1536-well format. Direct quantification of reaction product(s) without the need for fluorescent labels using the rapifleX MPP® improves the quality of uHTS output, reducing the likelihood of false positive and negative datapoints and facilitating a moe time- and cost-effective hit-to-lead phase.

About the presenter:

Dr. Fleur Kleinpenning Senior Scientist – Chemical Biology started as scientist at Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) in Oss, the Netherlands in March 2020. After achieving her PhD in the field of chemical biology, she explored the field of mass spectrometry and proteomics during her postdoc. At PPSC, she is involved in numerous commercial, academic, and internal projects focusing on cellular and biochemical assay development, ultra high-throughput screening (uHTS), and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) based uHTS.r

(This webinar will be during 30 minutes)

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